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brock, molly n i went to emery park today!
i remember goin there with my sisters n
parents n also jess's fam a couple times
n the big elephant slide (which was
no longer there) and searchin thru rocks
n old logs for mud puppies which we found
a lot of... n of course when i cut my
head open on a picnic table ther n was
bleedin all over.
but we had the best time ever, it was so
much better than i even remembered, there
were awesome trails thru all the woods,
but like not just straight lame trails like
hardcore trails n it was awesome, altho we
realized apple smirnoff tastes like
play-do lol.... but molly had so much fun n was
chasin like wooden vines hangin from
trees that she couldnt reach n brock was
swingin on em... then on the way out brock
was like "hold on" n ran out to these big
swings n i was like fuck holdin on n i
followed him n we were swinging mad high n
it was so fun but then molly jumped outta the
car window n ran at us n was jumpin all over us
n bitin us sorta while we were swingin so she
ruined it! but it was a really awesome time!

i also hung out w heather n megan today which
was fun. I think the three of us are much closer than
most siblings and i love that n i think
we all own cuz of it!!! lol aright.
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