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on the gooood ship, lollipop

I'm still tired even tho i just woke up n its four.... workin first shift is hard to get the hang of.
I'm super happy i passed my drug test... cuz its what I "wanted" n it worked out so at least
i can be happy something went the way i hoped it would. airsep is the same as always, lame.
its a little worse this time bcuz i dont have any cool peeps to work with, but its also a little
better this time cuz at least the hours are like... time that i would normally spend sleeping or
doing nothing so im not missing out on anything. its not been easy tryin to get used to workin
with brock again, its almost as if he doesnt wanna work with me suddenly, even tho he's the
one who got me a job. like, breaks are okay, but the minute we get outta work he's an asshole to
me, about something... and i still hafta clean up after him and do all the laundry even tho im
working harder than him now? idk its fucked. but life is so full of disappointments, like i 
wish there was a word for fuller than full i could use, so i better get used to it finally.
megans birthday party was a good time for the most part, but i think thats gunna be the
most exciting thing we do this weekend. cabin... probably not. i guess we'll spend some
quality family time with molly. :) 

im really really grateful for what brock and i have... im startin to think the two of us
are a rare breed...


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