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brockleton's 24

brocks 24 today!! yay jack bauer.
im baking him a cake right now!! yellow cake with chocolate frosting, a 2 layer round cake, n im gunna decorate it with M&Ms. cute!

brock was sad last night cuz he wanted shane to come over n play beer pong,
n shane said he didnt have gas in his car and brock was like thats funny since
he said he'd have tons of loot for gas n shit if we went to nyc.... i dunno if he didnt
realize todays brocks birthday n it was kinda his little bday celebration cuz if i start
at airsep tomorrow we arent gunna be stayin up too late tonight or drinking really.
im gunna make dinner here, steak n mashed potatoes n corn on the cob n grilled
zucchini yum yum, and then we'll probably go out for drinks with sarah, or at least
go hang out with her.
we went to the cabin this weekend. since we saved the money we were gunna spend
on a hotel in ny, we bought new bikes! im so excited, theyre pretty awesome even tho
theyre cheap ass from wal mart. n we went on a ride "around the block" which is like
 2 miles up hill the whole time, at least it seems like it. it was grueling. i thought i was
gunna pass out or something. it was weird cuz i thought id be in better shape than when
i used to do it, but im definitely not. n my booty still hurts from it!

im gunna go catch a bus to rite aid so i can get brock a card n some new razors,
pretty exciting birthday gift, huh? 
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