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cmon get happy

brock, molly and i went to lake ontario yesterday and it was the
best. it was such a pretty day, and there were a buncha sail boats
out n they looked really pretty, (and also made me jealous cuz i
wanna boat!) n there was this one area that was kinda blocked in
so we were able to let molly off her leash to run laps lol. we just
hung out we didnt really get to go onto the actual beach bcuz it was
closed n really scummy looking anyway. but we did find some cool places
around that you could check out so that was fun, since were used to goin
in the middle of winter at night. it was crazy to see all that during the
day, much more exciting. we went to the spot we usually go in the
winter n it reminded me of building a fire there n partyin there mad
long ago which were fun times. n were gunna go to a wine tasting
near there cuz were actually both old enuf to and i remember
always passing the signs n wishing i could go.

we found out today that verizons been charging an extra $16/month
for internet service on my piece of shit phone... and we def
didnt ever ask for that in our plan so im heated n they wouldnt
even adjust the bill so apparently they can just charge u for whatever
the eff they want. suckas. fuckin best network my ass.

im trying to not be a depresso everyday of my life cuz crying is
exhausting. n i guess ill just not worry about not having a job,
or anything to do right now because its not helping the situation
to flip out all the time. and everyone gets pissed at me.

cabin this weekend, fun times. n we might do the fair too....
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