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complaining, cont'd.

god, my mom is one lazy, scummy bitch...
i feel bad for always blaming the messy house on my sisters,
cuz theyre long gone but the shit ton of mess and trashiness remains.
i know my grandma kept a clean house even with 5 kids, so im wondering
where my mom got this lack of cleanliness from. and, as someone whos
insanely obsessed with cleanliness in an ocd type of way, it really,
really, really drives me crazy, like more than i would ever imagine.
id rather live in greg's tiny old studio then hafta live with this mess.
my mom knew she was going away for a week, but instead of trying to get
shit together n in order or whatever she left a fuckin sink full of dishes
and a buncha shit laying around for me to fuckin deal with. cuz she knows
im insane and i cant help but not clean it... blah.

im so bored and i just wanna be able to go to school. so bad.
it sucks how much worse the registration and bull shit parts
of school are so much more stressful and a pain in the ass than
the actual classes n school work itself. deaaaaaath.

i miss brock. always.
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